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Bravo adult sex chat

On the roof of Ginsei High School he asks Papillon if the L. Kazuki eventually finds his resolve and agrees to join the fight against the L. He then states that they must first fight the enemy in front of them when he notices Kinjo standing by the water tower.

He tells the warriors that the true power of the humanoid homunculi is that they can use Buso Renkin as well, just as Kinjo activates his Buso Renkin.

Mamoru Sakimori (防人衛 Sakimori Mamoru), better known as Captain Bravo (キャプテン ブラボー Kyaputen Burabō) is a Warrior Chief of the Alchemist Army.

He is also the dorm manager for Kazuki Muto's school, Ginsei Private Academy.

Through the series, he insists on keeping his real name a secret - "because it's cooler that way".

In truth, he discarded that name after the horrible failure of a mission his group was assigned to.

He appears again in the abandoned factory where he tells Kazuki that for good or evil, there is no shame to holding on to one's beliefs, he then tells Kazuki to keep on fighting.

Bravo informs Kazuki and Tokiko that a new battle is coming up and tells Tokiko that she will be attending Ginsei High School and living in the dorm.

Captain Bravo first appears to be a very serious and mysterious character.

The students ask him his real name where he tells them that is is secret because it is cooler that way. He then asks Kazuki if he has made a decision to fight or not but realizes that he is still undecided and tells him that he has until the day to decide.

He then notices Kazuki and Tokiko talking when he then lightheartedly tells them to cut the chit-chat and report to his office. After Kazuki and Tokiko leave his office he shouts to Kazuki telling him that one of his friends wants to speak to him on the phone.

An entire elementary school was slaughtered and devoured by homunculi - leaving Tokiko Tsumura the only survivor.

Bravo appears not long after Kazuki and Papillon's battle.

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Bravo watches the brief clash between Kazuki and Kinjo , just before Kazuki is bested Bravo steps in calling Kinjo a small fry but says that he is too much for Kazuki and Tokiko to handle right now.